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Latest Ultrasound machines and experienced technicians to get the best results

First Look Baby is the premier 3D/4D Ultrasound studio located conveniently in Hackensack, near Hackensack hospital. We are a short distance from all major highways and 10 min from Teterboro airport. Our state of the art facility has one of the latest and best Ultrasound machines. Our experienced technicians are highly qualified and have extensive experience working in different settings. You can be rest assured that your First Look at your baby will be extremely pleasant and most rewarding.

Our facility is the only one of its kind offering 3D printed sculptures (3D Model) of your baby. You can bring home your baby even before he or she is born. We offer wide array of choices from printed black and white photos, color photos, CD, DVD, USB and also plush toys which will have your baby’s heartbeat recorded. There is something about a heartbeat that calms a baby and having your baby listen to his or her own heartbeat is the most pleasant experience for your baby.

We ask that you bring your family with you so that they too can experience the wonder and joy of having the First Look at First Look Baby.

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